The home office of The GasGun, Inc., is located in Clackamas, Oregon, a few miles southeast of Portland. We have established contractual relationships with wireline companies throughout the United States and across the world that, in turn, perform GasGun stimulation services for well owners. With storage and assembly facilities in Fairfield, Illinois, The GasGun, Inc. is well positioned to supply the wireline companies with an inventory of GasGun tools so that they are available quickly to serve the immediate needs of the well owners.

The GasGun, Inc. (formerly J Integral Engineering) was formed in 1992, initially to provide engineering consulting services. In August 1994, we won a Small Business Innovation Research grant from the Department of Energy to develop, test, optimize, and commercialize the use of progressively burning solid propellant for the economical stimulation of oil and gas wells. The concept, initially conceived from a research study at Sandia National Laboratories in the early 1970’s, was shown to be feasible during Phase I of that grant. Phase II, which began in September 1995, concentrated on field testing and optimization of the design. With the success of the field trials, the GasGun became commercial in July 1998.

Early success with the GasGun in the Appalachian and Illinios Basins provided the impetus to expand the service throughout the U.S. and International markets.