Name: Richard A. Schmidt, Ph.D.
Position: Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Schmidt has over 35 years of research, development, design, and field experience in stimulating oil and gas wells with solid propellants. He was the lead researcher and project manager at Sandia National Laboratories in the late 70’s for the original groundbreaking program that investigated the fundamental basis for fracturing rock formations with solid propellants.

As Chief Executive Officer of The GasGun, Inc., Dr. Schmidt won a DOE Small Business Innovation Research grant (Phase I and II) that provided the means to develop, test, and optimize this stimulation concept. In July 1998, the GasGun became commercially available in the Appalachian Basin as an effective low-cost stimulation method.

For a copy of Dr. Schmidt’s Biosketch you can download it here: Biosketch


Name: Adam C. Schmidt
Position: Chief Executive Officer

In June 2000, Mr. Adam Schmidt, son of owner-founder Dr. Richard Schmidt, joined The GasGun, Inc. to assist with the growing demand for GasGun stimulation services. In January 2009, Mr. Schmidt assumed the position of Chief Executive Officer which was previously held by Dr. Richard Schmidt. Mr. Schmidt will focus on the strategic planning and overall growth strategies of the business, which will allow Dr. Richard Schmidt to spend more time on the technical advances of the GasGun technology. Mr. Schmidt has been instrumental in the overall growth of the company. Since joining The GasGun, Inc., profits have grown an average of 150% per year. He has established partnerships with companies overseas which has made GasGun stimulations available to clients all over the world. Mr. Schmidt has played a key role in numerous technological advancements and is co-patent holder on the latest generation GasGun design. Prior to working for The GasGun, Inc., Mr. Schmidt worked as the Director of Business Operations with AT&T’s cable division. Mr. Schmidt earned a B.A. degree in accounting from Western Washington University in 1998.


Name: JD Schmidt
Position: Chief Operating Officer

JD Schmidt was named Chief Operating Officer of The GasGun, Inc. in January 2009. “My goal at the GasGun is to relentlessly pursue the advancement of propellant fracturing technology and provide all producers of oil & gas resources with an affordable suite of exceptional GasGun tools.  In order to accomplish these goals; I remain committed to providing solid technical support for our customers and continue to focus on the development of new useful propellant tools.” Mr. Schmidt has studied business throughout Western Europe as well as North and South America. He is Bi-Lingual, speaking English and Spanish. Mr. Schmidt heads Marketing, International Market Development and Communication for The GasGun, Inc. He earned his B.S. in Marketing and International Business Studies from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University.