The GasGun® was originally conceived by scientists at Sandia National Laboratories in the late 1970’s. Over the next few decades, research and development continued to advance the technology and explore its commercial applications. It is safe to say that we have the scientific process in our DNA. We at the GasGun continue to refine the technology today, recording and analyzing field results by communicating with all of our customers. Not only is this good science but a great opportunity to provide customer service.

Our extensive database of results, provided by discussions with valued customers, is the foundation for applying the GasGun successfully in real world conditions. It is only when we speak with thousands of customers who have used the GasGun that we generate a large enough data set to clearly understand which downhole conditions present the greatest opportunity for success. With this knowledge we developed this GasGun Applications Page to show operators the eight most common successful applications of this unique tool. Email us or submit Your Well data and our technical team will review your application today!

Close Water

Minimal vertical fracture growth

Improve effectiveness of spotting acid

No need to set packers for isolation


Cost effectively stimulate long intervals

Minimal onsite equipment

Environmentally friendly


Increase injection rates

Reduce injection pressures

Create homogeneous injection profile

Naturally Fractured

Significantly improve formation drainage

Multiple fractures intersect natural fractures

Nearbore Damage

Remove skin damage from perforators, drilling, scale, cement, etc.

Fractures created at every perforation tunnel

Open Hole

No adverse effects to borehole integrity

Fractures not dominated by earth stresses


Improve effectiveness of spotting acid

Break down formation/ reduce treating pressures

Etch channels in newly created fractures


Reduce tortuosity and resulting screen-outs

Break down formation/ reduce treating pressures

Create factures in preferred plane