Naturally Fractured
  • Significantly improve formation drainage
  • Multiple fractures intersect natural fractures

Natural fractures and faults are frequently the primary pathways for hydrocarbon migration and production in many reservoirs.  Conventional hydraulic and acid frac’s commonly propagate fractures parallel to most of the existing natural fractures in a formation or “with the grain”.  The multiple fractures created by the GasGun overpower all earth stresses creating fractures that can cut across the grain and may be much more effective than hydraulic fracturing in intersecting natural-fractures in these reservoirs.  The multiple fractures created by the GasGun may not extend as far into the formation, but may link the well to more of the natural fractures while providing optimum nearbore drainage.

The figure below demonstrates different fracturing techniques and their effectiveness at intersecting natural fractures.

No Stimulation              Hydraulic Fracture          GasGun Fractures


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