Nearbore Damage
  • Remove skin from perforators, drilling, cement, etc.
  • Fractures created at every perforation tunnel
  • Improve effectiveness of acidizing

Nearbore Damage is any restriction to flow caused by near-well reductions in flow capacity. This damage can be caused by perforators, drilling mud, cement invasion, scale, etc.  Nearbore Damage not only limits production but inhibits you from gathering accurate data about your completed zones.  Bypassing Nearbore Damage is vital for proper decision making and ultimately the overall productivity of your well (ROI).

Operators and engineers have used the GasGun to effectively bypass cement invasion, scale, mud cake, damage from perforators, skin and other forms of nearbore damage since it was commercialized in the early 1990’s. The GasGun is a unique tool that is tailored to create multiple radial fractures producing optimum nearbore drainage.  The fractures generated with the GasGun reach 10 – 50 feet horizontally into the formation with very little vertical fracture growth.  The multiple fracture network created nearbore makes it a great tool for cleaning up nearbore damage and beyond.

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