• Reduce tortuosity & resulting screen-outs
  • Break down formation/reduce treating pressures
  • Create fractures in preferred plane

Since hydraulic fracturing services first began in the early mid-century, a reoccurring problem in some geographic areas has been premature screen-out.  Premature screen-out occurs when the fluid pressure needed to keep injecting proppant into a well fracture exceeds the limitations of the tubulars, wellhead, or surface equipment; shutting down the frac operation.  These resulting screen-outs mean lower well productivity and reduce the effectiveness of the frac job.  Even worse it can result in more expensive remedial well treatment down the line. The bottom line is the well is less productive meaning lower ROI. While there are various downhole conditions that can lead to such hydraulic fracture problems, one key cause of screen-outs is near-wellbore tortuosity.

The GasGun has been found to be very useful as a pre-frac treatment.  The tool creates a radial fracture network which breaks down the formation, increases near wellbore permeability, and reduces tortuosity.  The fractures penetrate 10 – 50 feet into the formation and the subsequent frac job will typically have lower breakdown pressures.  The improved flow-path characteristics enhance the performance of pump-in, flow-back, and final production.

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