• Sandstone

    Country: Croatia
    Formation: Sandstone
    Formation Depth: 1539-1559 Meters
    Prior Production: 1 m3/d (6 BOPD)
    After Stimulation: 4.2 m3/d (26 BOPD)
    After two months: 2.9 m3/d (18 BOPD)

    A well located in Croatia was stimulated with multiple GasGuns. This well is a cased hole completion with 3 sandstone intervals that were re-perforated and stimulated with the GasGun. A 2 meter (6.6 feet) was shot at a depth of 1559 meters (5115 feet), a second 2 meter was shot at 1555.5 meters (5103 feet), and finally a 3 meter (10 feet) was shot at 1539 meters (5049 feet). Prior to the GasGun stimulations the well was producing approximately 1 m3/day (6.3 BOPD). Immediately after the GasGun the well produced 4.2 m3/day (26.4 BOPD). The wells production stabilized at 2.9 m3/day (18 BOPD). Analysis showed that total remaining recoverable oil prior to the GasGun would have been approximately 400 m3 (2516 bbl). After the GasGun remaining recoverable oil is expected to be 3800 m3 (23901 bbl).

  • Not Available

    Country: Croatia
    Formation: Not Available
    Formation Depth: 1469 Meters
    Prior Production: .5 m3/d (3 b/d)
    After Stimulation: 9.5 m3/d (60 b/d)
    After two months: 4.9 m3/d (31 b/d)

    A located in Croatia, was commissioned in 1970 and produced until 1978 when it was shut in for low productivity of 0.5 m3/day (3.1 b/d) with a 40% oil cut. The well was chemically treated in 1980 with no improvement in production. The well was then re-perforated and chemically treated in 1987. The well briefly produced 3.5 m3/day (22 b/d), but dropped off to original levels quickly and was shut in again in 1988. In August 2004, the well was stimulated with a 6 meter (20 foot) GasGun at a depth of 1469 meters (4820 feet). The next day the operator swabbed 9.5 m3/day (60 b/d) with a 90% oil cut. Two months later the well was producing 4.9 m3/day (31 b/d) with a 17 % oil cut. Unfortunately the oil cut continued to drop, but total fluid entry continued to be well above prior levels indicating a significant improvement in permeability.