• ohio.h40

    Formation: Rose Run Sandstone
    Formation Depth: 5297′
    Prior Production: 0.75 BOPD
    After Stimulation: 8 BOPD

    A well in Perry County, Ohio, was stimulated with a 10 foot GasGun. This well is a cased hole completion in the Rose Run sandstone formation at a depth of 5297 feet. The operator suspected the formation was glazed due to a downhole fire and was producing just ¾ BOPD. After the GasGun stimulation, the well produced 8 BOPD.

  • ohio.h39.gif

    Formation: Beekmantown Dolomite
    Formation Depth: 3745′
    Prior Production: 35 MCF/D
    After Stimulation: 140 MCF/D
    Sustained: 100 MCF/D

    We stimulated an open hole Beekmantown dolomite well at 3745 feet in Ross County, Ohio. This well was drilled about six months previously, and production had fallen to 35 MCF/D with a casing head pressure of 150 psi. Immediately after shooting an 8 foot GasGun, this well began making 140 MCF/D at a casing head pressure of 650 psi. After two weeks, the production leveled off at 100 MCF/D. 

  • ohio.h38.gif

    Formation: Oriskany Sandstone
    Formation Depth: 1567′
    Prior Production: 10 MCF/D
    After Stimulation: 160 MCF/D

    A gas well in Lake County, Ohio, was stimulated with a 6 foot GasGun. This well was completed open hole in the Oriskany sand at a depth of 1567 feet. The well had been produced since 1985, and production had fallen from 40 MCF/D to 10 MCF/D. The GasGun stimulation was successful in increasing gas production to 160 MCF/D.

  • ohio.h37.gif

    Formation: Rose Run Sandstone
    Formation Depth: 4230′
    Prior Production: 3-5 BOPD
    After Stimulation: 40 BOPD
    Sustained: 18 BOPD

    We stimulated an open hole Rose Run sand at 4230′ in Hocking County, Ohio. The well had been making 3 to 5 BOPD, but initial flows when the well was drilled in February and logs suggested that this well should perform much better. There was evidence that the well had been damaged when it had been killed with 120 BBL of unfiltered brine. The well was stimulated with an 8 foot GasGun and began making 40 BOPD. Production level was sustained at 18 BOPD.