4.5 Inch Kraken® Gun

4.5 in./114mm O.D., 4spf, 60° Spiral System

The Kraken is a propellant enhanced perforating gun designed to overcome the reservoir damaging effects of conventional perforating gun systems. The propellant boosters contained inside the Kraken are based on the same progressively burning propellant technology used in our patented GasGun® stimulation tools. Progressively burning propellants have been proven by independent research to be many times more effective in creating fractures and is the key advantage that sets our tools apart from the competition.


  • Perforates and stimulates the reservoir in one trip.
  • Creates multiple radial fractures extending up to 10 feet from the wellbore with the use of progressively burning Kraken propellant boosters.
  • Removes skin and cleans up the wellbore damaged by perforators, drilling fines, cement, mud cake, etc.
  • Prepares well for hydraulic fracturing by breaking down formation first with the Kraken.
  • Treating pressures are often dramatically reduced, flow rates improved, and the effects of tortuosity minimized.
  • Improves effectiveness of acidizing by fracturing first with the Kraken.


  • The Kraken perforating system is compatible with shaped charges that create a 0.42-inch entrance hole or larger.
  • Standard shot density of 4 shots per foot. Customized shot density from 1-4 shots per foot available upon request.
  • Standard shot phasing is 60 degrees. Shot phasing can be customized upon request.
  • Compatible with simultaneous or select fire systems.
  • Conveyance: Wireline, Pump Down, TCP, Coil Tubing, Tractor.
  • Patent Pending.


Propellant Booster Part Number KRAK-2.5-0.95
Nominal O.D. (in) [mm] 4.5 [114]
Max Shot Density (spf) [spm] 4 [13]
Max Pressure (psi) [MPa] 17,500 [121]
Max Temp. (¡F) [¡C] 280 [138]*
Recommended Detonating Cord 80 grains per foot
Typical Gun Swell (in) [mm] 4.71 [120]

* 280 F (138 C) Max temperature rating is for a 1-hour exposure
* 260 F (127 C) Max temperature rating is for a 10-hour exposure

**Warning: Exceeding the maximum temperature ratings can result in unintentional detonation**