“Heavy Artillery” details how the GasGun is a solid propellant fracturing device based on ballistic technology from the US military. The propellant generates high-pressure gases at an accelerating rate that create a fracturing behaviour dramatically di erent to either hydraulic fracturing or explosives. Published in the December 2016 issue of Oilfield Technology. Download: Heavy Artillery (3.1 MB)

“Clear!!! New Applications Bring Wells to Life” discusses the growing list of applications for propellant tools in the increasingly complex world of well stimulations. Published in the October 2010 issue of Oilfield Technology. Download: Clear!!! (3.5 MB)

“Think Outside the Frac” explains the benefits of solid propellant stimulation over conventional hydraulic fracturing techniques.   Published in the October 2012 issue of Oilfield Technology. Download: Think Outside The Frac (1.8 MB)

“A Solid Approach” discusses the advantages of fracturing with solid propellants over traditional methods. Published in the May 2009 issue of Oilfield Technology. Download: A Solid Approach (2.9 MB)

This article was written by New Technology Magazine which is a leading oil & gas publication in Canada. They decided to write a story about GasGun technology. They also interviewed various operators in Canada who had used the GasGun to see what their experiences were. Download: New Technology Magazine Article (1.8 MB)

The effectiveness of the technology upon which the GasGun is based has been proven through independent research. In a study conducted by Sandia National Laboratories, a multi-perforated propellant was 300 times more effective in enhancing formation permeability than a standard solid propellant in a direct side-by-side comparison. For a copy of the technical publication you may download it here: Download: SPE/DOE 8934 (2 MB)

The GasGun has been utilized with a high rate of success in injection wells all over the globe.  The following technical paper prepared by Medco LLC, Oman is a detailed case study on the use of the GasGun in four injection wells and one producing well in a south Oman sandstone reservoir.  This paper was presented by Medco LLC, Oman at the Indonesian Petroleum Association’s 38th Annual Convention & Exhibition, May 2014. Download: Think Outside The Frac (.5 MB)

Check out the case study article published in the September 2001 issue of World Oil. Download: World Oil Article

Take a moment to review some case studies from Kansas published in the North Midcontinent PTTC. Download: PTTC Article

The following short article was written by a satisfied GasGun customer and was published in the Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists (SIPES) quarterly newsletter in August 2004. Please go to the Technology Corner section of the newsletter on page 19. Download: SIPES Quarterly Newsletter

The GasGun: overview, field results, history and more. Download: GasGun Online Brochure

Kraken® is a propellant enhanced perforating gun system designed to overcome the reservoir damaging effects of conventional perforating guns. Download: Kraken® Online Brochure

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