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GasGun vs. Explosives

  • No compaction zone or stress cage
  • Pressures last longer for maximum fracture penetration
  • Can be used in perforated casing
  • Less cleanup – immediate production
  • Predictable results
  • Easier and safer handling

GasGun vs. Hydraulic Fracturing

  • Minimal vertical growth out of pay
  • Multiple fractures
  • Selected zones stimulated without the need to set packers or ball off
  • Minimal formation damage from incompatible fluids
  • Homogeneous permeability for injection wells
  • Minimal on-site equipment needed
  • Much lower cost

GasGun vs. Other Propellant Tools

  • Full-bore charge for maximum energy density and gas volume
  • Progressive burning for maximum fracture penetration
  • No fillers added – All active ingredients
  • Scientifically proven burn rate provides for optimal multiple fracturing
  • Minimal energy loss unlike slow burning rocket-motor propellants
  • Better propping characteristics
  • Technology proven by independent research