GasGun vs. Propellants

How does the GasGun compare with other solid propellant tools?

The GasGun produces several times more gas and energy than most other stimulation tools using solid propellant. GasGun propellant is also significantly more effective in producing fractures since it uses multi-perforated grains that are progressively burning. This means that the rate at which the propellant burns increases with time, producing gas faster as the material is consumed.

The progressive burning is much more effective in controlling peak pressures and advancing the fractures late in the process when crack volumes are the greatest. Independent research bears this out. In a study conducted by Sandia National Laboratories, the GasGun propellant was 300 times more effective in enhancing formation permeability than a standard solid propellant in a direct side-by-side comparison.

Advantages – GasGun vs. other propellant tools

  • Full-bore charge for maximum energy density and gas volume
  • Progressive burning for maximum fracture penetration
  • No fillers added – All active ingredients
  • Scientifically proven burn rate provides for optimal multiple fracturing
  • Minimal energy loss unlike slow burning rocket-motor propellants
  • Better propping characteristics
  • Technology proven by independent research

Progressive propellants burn with an increase in surface area resulting in progressive burning

Watch the GasGun’s progressive burning characteristics during this video: Surface Test