How It Works

Well Action Diagram

  • Creates multiple radial fractures extending 10 to 50 feet from the wellbore. Minimal vertical growth avoids problems often associated with hydraulic fracturing
  • Removes skin and clean up the wellbore damaged by perforators, drilling fines, cement, paraffin, mud cake, etc.
  • Stimulates heterogeneous production zones, such as lenticular sands, with a higher probability of success. Fractures reach out in several directions, thus increasing your chance of intersecting the producing formations.
  • Improves effectiveness of acidizing by fracturing first with the GasGun, allowing acid to etch new channels into formation.
  • Enhances production in naturally fractured reservoirs by intersecting more fractures.
  • Prepares well for hydraulic fracturing by breaking down formation first with the GasGun. Treating pressures are often dramatically reduced.
  • Increases injection and withdrawal rates in gas storage wells damaged by compressor oils.
  • Improves waterflood efficiency by providing increased and more uniform injection rates.